Dementia Friendly Practice

The John Hampden Surgery is pleased to announce that we are a Dementia Friendly Practice. Over the next coming months the practice will be raising awareness about Dementia and making cosmetic changes to improve facilities in order to become more Dementia Friendly.

As part of our bid we will be working with patients and their carers to support and review our patients with a current diagnosis. We feel this is an important step in supporting families that are affected by Dementia.

Some of our staff have recently received training from Bedfordshire University on dementia awareness and have found the training extremely beneficial. Further training will be happening later on in the year, which will mean all employed staff at The John Hampden Surgery will be trained in dementia awareness.

In addition, all of our staff have become Dementia Friends and we would like to strongly encourage our patients to sign up to become a Dementia Friend. This can be done by  visiting the Dementia Friends website via the link below.

Dementia Friends Webpage: