Online Services - NHS App & AskFirst

Need help using our online apps? Click here to help retrieve test results, order prescriptions, check/cancel appointment and track your referrals.

Help with online service

We are now offering all patients an option of support in getting set up and using online apps. AskFirst and the NHS App allow you to complete tasks online without having to ring the surgery, like booking some appointments, looking at your medical record and test results, and requesting prescriptions.

By using the digital assistant, you will be able to access step by step guides on how to download and/or use functionalities within our online apps.

Online Services

If you are 16 or over, you can now, order prescriptions, view parts of your medical record, message your GP, and more, using the NHS App.  In future, you may again be able to book appointments online (this service is currently disabled by NHS England). 

How to do it 

To begin, download the NHS App. 

When you first open it you will need to register.  The process is described on the NHS Digital website and in a YouTube video, also please see video below.  

  • The easiest way to register the is to simply log onto your mobile device app store and download the 'NHS APP'. You can also visit - for more information.The set up is straight forward and does not require input from the practice as long as you know your Name, DOB and NHS Number.

    However, If you are having difficulty, contact the surgery and the practice manager will help you.

What you can do on the NHS App

  • You can 

    • see your summary medical record 
    • order repeat prescriptions 
    • change your nominated pharmacy 
    • view and manage your hospital appointments, including referrals 
    • send very short messages to your GP and receive messages from the surgery 
    • check your symptoms 
    • find trusted NHS information on hundreds of conditions and treatments and get instant advice  
    • manage your organ donation decision 
    • choose if data from your health records is shared for research and planning   

    There’s more about the app at   and there’s also an Easy Read leaflet online file:///C:/Users/mpetk/Downloads/nhs-app-a4-leaflet-to-be-folded.pdf .  Our My Choices Leaflet suggests things to think about when deciding whether to sign up to use any sort of online access app. 

    Advantages of NHS App compared with Patient Access 
  • Our My Choices Leaflet (below) suggests things to think about when deciding whether to sign up to use any sort of online access app, providing information about the online service responsibilities. 

    My Choices Leaflet



ACCURX is an approved online solution to improve local NHS services. ACCURX is aligned with the GP Forward View for online consultation requirements in primary care. For more information please click - ACCURX Introduction and FAQs.pdf To submit an online request follow link below: